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Following my retirement and with little or no knowledge of publishing, I have received a considerable amount of  help and advice, which I would here like to acknowledge:

The late Edwin Smith (local historian) for access to his large collection of old prints.

The late Harry Rowland (Morpeth historian) for local history and proof reading.

Anna Flowers (Head of Publishing, Newcastle City Library). Inspiration for my Bygone books and for their circulation

The late Gordon Long (local historian) for prints of the 70’s.

The Northumberland Archives, Woodhorn, Ashington, Northumberland.

Bishop Peter S. Ramsden – advice, encouragement and proof reading.

The late Canon Christopher Unwin - advice, encouragement and proof reading.

To all those who have given me access to personal photographs.

John Elliott (my son in Australia) for his patience and guidance over my CD’s, taking me to my limit on the computer and producing my website.

W.G (Bill) Elliott